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Lesson Plan

Projector classroom prep.

Test 1. Thursday 3rd March Practical Lesson (2013):


Prepare food, cook, record process in work book, photograph and tag key processes.

As a part of lesson policy, key instances of the lesson are photographed or recorded for the tags

Class eating lunch together in the dining hall.


  • Using different mediums to record the process of ingredients, equipment and the space used to cook the Chilli.
  • Awareness of decisions made, processes followed and involvement with objects.
  • How the ingredients themselves influence the potential of the recipe and the equipment/objects that are used.
  • Recording of collaborative participation, method and communication.
  • Reflection and analysis of the process required, movement across the classroom.
  • Awareness of waste and consumption – awareness of how the pupil is part of the consumer cycle.
  • Foundation for understanding architectural production and the design and use of the space.


This could be carried out in the class room by the pupils as they carry out the recipe.

1)       The final chilli is photographed, QR tagged, photographed on iPhone, with a brief description.

2)       Analysis of journey and methodologies  are kept in school books and recorded.

Link to Friday’s theory lesson:

  • The end product: the Chilli itself is recognised as a process of ingredients, instructions and processes in the space. Can the process be described retrospectively?
  • What are the unseen processes that are involved. (Field to Fork, but also manufacture, preparation, storage, washing up etc.)
  • Could ask questions about what the pupils would do with the information and how they interpreted the exercise.


  • Pots, pans cooking equipment acquired around the dining area.
  • Cameras
  • iPhone, or smartphone
  • QR tags, I can set up a couple of accounts on the school cooking blog/wiki.
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