Adolf Loos – Interior Analysis

‘To live is to leave traces. In the interior these are emphasised…The detective story that follows these traces comes into being…’  Walter Benjamin

Adolf Loos Houses:

Interior: ‘A cultivated man does not look out of the window; his window is a ground glass; it is there only to let the light in, not to let the gaze pass through.’ Adolf Loos.

I am not suggesting this principle directly, more that in comparison to the qualities of the existing store room, the gaze out of the window will be much less a spectacle. Instead, an alternative presents itself, to adopt Loos’ philosophy of internalising the gaze by the arrangement of surfaces, levels, sight lines and recessed furniture.

The occupants activities form the interest of the space…participator and spectator merge to create new spatial opportunities, where the traces of the occupant become the central focus and function of the room. In this environment, the view from Pat’s store room can be replaced meaningfully.

Below are some analytical drawings made by looking in detail at how Loos interiors are created.

Moller House living room

Levels and surface area, voids through walls.

Analytical drawings of five Loos houses

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