voidLoop and Concrete Fabrication

What is Disruptive Technologies about?

My name is Richard Bush, Master of Architecture student at the University of Edinburgh. Disruptive Thoughts is a blog that sets out to record my analysis and findings throughout the evolving studio project work and contemporary architecture theory.

The module title is Disruptive Technology: Material, Immaterial and is an extension from a blog that began last semester:

‘Concrete Fabrication’

http://richardbush@wordpress.com – that explains our exciting work in exploring fabric formed concrete.


In addition, another website-style blog – http://voidloop.wordpress.com – describes our immaterial project where we devised a system that used ‘hacked’ actuators that responded to sensory conditions.

This semester the three of us in the unit are setting out on individual routes, at least at the beginning, in the pursuit of investigating the design development and transition of Portobello High School. This well known and highly regarded local Edinburgh school shall be re-locating to a brand new building that is currently in the design process.

Our projects hope to use the tendered designs and discussions with the architects, students and teachers to prompt ideas that can be incorporated as part of the new school building/method/way of life. In the context of lead-user development, we shall consider concepts that are derived through the applied use of disruptive technologies and techniques in the education and school design.

The proposition of new ways of using the a school to enhance the learning/relaxing experience to enhance the learning/relaxing experience shall be tested through interaction and engagement with the school users themselves, with the possibility of physically incorporating our tests within the existing fabric of the building.

  1. #1 by rodread on June 25, 2012 - 1:28 pm

    I’m going to try and make inflated flying structures with constrained bubblewrap.
    you might like to check out my post on How J E Gordon might build an inflated ring of kites.

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